Can’t be with the one you love?

Looking for a unique, luxury gift for a fabulous friend?

Wondering how to make a Zoom party really amazing?


We can help. Giving a bespoke song by us is the perfect way to show someone you care and make them feel special. Imagine the joy of receiving a heartfelt, touching, original song.

“I’m beyond delighted… I will treasure this forever” Josi

We have helped people celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and even their pets. Whatever you want to say, whatever the occasion, we can put it in a song for you.

“It felt such a blessing to be able to share this together, after being separated for so long” Jay

Your song is presented in a personalised Youtube video showing the lyrics, so you can sing along if you wish. We use a selection of your photos as backgrounds to create a beautiful visual experience to share online or in person.

“I have to admit a few happy tears were shed... thank you for creating something so perfect for us.” Mel

Come on a creative journey with us. With your ideas and our experience we can make a joyful, memorable and precious gift.

“I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were an utter joy to work with. We were all incredibly impressed with Michael and Sarah-Louise’s talent, brilliance and professionalism” Lucy

To order your song, go to BOOKING. To see more song examples, go to CASES.

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A personalised song is a lovely way to make someone feel special and loved. Book your festive song gift with us today to help celebrate the holiday season and light up the winter gloom. It is written to order and delivered in a lyric video featuring your choice of photos. Buy to/from an individual, a family or a group of friends. A memorable and very special Christmas present!

Every song is different based on your ideas but here is an example of how the lyric video works.


1. Choose one of the two options below...


A short song with lyric video (a minimum of a minute and a half long). We can incorporate five of your personal photographs.


A full length song with lyric video (a minimum of three minutes long). We can incorporate ten of your personal photographs. The Showstopper allows us to include more personal stories, memories and fun facts than The Overture, to build a detailed portrait of whoever you want to celebrate. It will be lyrically intricate with different musical sections and changes of tone, a richer accompaniment, backing harmonies and maybe even a key change!

2.  Check our availability

Our booking slots are limited so we can give each song our full attention. To check our availability, fill out the form below. We will reply to you either way.